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Toy Steam Parts is here to help you find parts for that hundred year old toy steam engine, most of the original manufactures are no longer in existance so parts have to be either sourced from a parts donor engine or from an aftermarket manufacturer.
The first step in locating parts is to determine the make and model of the unit you have, I have provided a page with links to sites with photos and information of most of the popular manufactures. The Toy Steam Bible is listed frequently under each brand as it is probably the "go to" reference for most manufactures. The Unofficial Mamod & Other Steam Forum is another valuable source of information, with members from around the world there is very little that gets past the members.

Buying a Toy Steam Engine

The cheapest engine to buy is not always the lowest priced one. If you are on this page you have probably discovered this already, that eBay bargain is suddenly becoming not such a bargain when the cost of those missing parts is added into the total. Sellers are known to remove hard to find parts, selling each of them for more than they get for the remaining carcass.

Always insist on seeing clear photos of an engine from all sides, be suspicious when flywheels or sight glasses are not shown,

Never buy an engine with a missing part unless you already have or know where to find that part.

Be leary of any boiler that has white or corroded spots on the ends of the boiler, this may be dezincification. Minerals in the water will have reacted with the metal in the end cap causing weak spots that will eventually leak. Either the end caps or the entire boiler will have to be replaced.

Don't be fooled by shiny parts, many vintage boilers were originally blued, this is often damaged when repairs are made so the remaining bluing had to be polished off devaluing the unit.

Insist on proper packaging for shipping, pay extra if you have to, read the recommended method of shipping.


Parts by Brand


M F Steam

Toy Train Spares


M F Steam


Heating elements for B-31, item M-16893 available from:
Heat and Sensor Technology

Indiana Rog and the Temple of Steam - info and maintainence tips.

Electrical Cords


Jensen Steam Engines Home Page


Mamod Home Page

unofficial mamod

The Unofficial Mamod & Other Steam Forum is probably one of the best resources, not only for Mamod engines but every other brand as well. It is one of the friendliest and most helpful forums on the internet, complete engines and parts are frequently offered for sale as well as heads up posts about interesting eBay offerings. How- to tutorials are posted on a wide range of topics, machining, soldering, painting and general restoration.

Manor Models

M F Steam



Manor Models



Weeden Steam is a very comprehensive engine identification site, a photo and basic description of practically every engine sold by The Weeden Manufacturing Company is offered. Weeden Steam also has a line of replacement parts to restore engines to running condition.

Engine Identification

Replacement Parts


Wilesco Home Page

Model Enthusiasts

Wilesco Models

General Parts and Supplies

Clevedon Steam
- A great source of steam fittings with excellent service.



Engine Identification